35 thoughts on “Scale Fb Adverts To $500+ A Day On Your Drop Transport Retailer!

  1. Bro, I think you are the best you are straight to the content and helping P!! congratz for your success!
    BTW I'm working hard to start my first store I'm about to launch some facebooks ads! but still, confused I would like some recommendations if you have the time to do that! do I need to make variations in my ad set to test my ads(products), or I just can put 2 to 6 interestest together in the detailed section! of the ads???

  2. Awesome video! You mention to duplicate the winning Adsets into other interests, but wouldn't it be the same thing as if I just create a new Adset? So Lets say you have a winning adset with the interest "i love dogs" and you dupe it and change the interest to "i love MY dog". Is there any difference between duping the winning adset or creating a completely new one as you pretty much changed the targeting?

  3. Hey Franklin, great content as always. Could you clarify.. When you find a good profitable ad set.. do you increase the budget on that adset OR duplicate it and increase the budget on that one?

  4. Good stuff. You speak the truth. I'm at about $180 spending per adset for lookalike audiences and getting positive ROI for each. I want to scale further by duplicating these adsets. Does this duplicating strategy apply for LLA as well? I mean can I duplicate into another adset at $180 and change either the age or create a different ad copy for the duplicated adset?

  5. Wait so is it or is it not okay to increase budget on the individual ad? There’s so much misinformation out there I was taught to duplicate ad set, and increase budget on the new one, leaving the original adset run at the original price.

  6. Franklin, I've been getting a lot of orders from third world countries like Malaysia, Chile and Indonesia. Are these orders safe to fufill? Do you have experience with these countries and are the chargeback rates high from these countries?

  7. Hi Franklin. Why did Stripe banned your account? If you response back to chargebacks would that have prevented it from happening? Just asking bc I am about to open an account soon. Thanks.

  8. If you find that audience winning.. Why would you want to chage interest when dublicating? Shouldn't you keep it same and just narrow down to winning metrics? Country, age, etc .. why change interest?

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