Make Cash With Affiliate Advertising (Extra E-mail Stuff Half 2)

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Okay so earlier than we transfer on with the internet online affiliate marketing collection I have to do extra on the e-mail advertising and marketing facet of issues so that you perceive that these things is not a get …

14 thoughts on “Make Cash With Affiliate Advertising (Extra E-mail Stuff Half 2)

  1. Hey man, maybe you’d be able to help. I have everything covered in my funnel. Great traffic source and daily leads to my opt in. But I just cannot get conversions on those emails. And on top of that I’m doing it across 3-4 niches with about 20-30 leads for each niche per day. Don’t understand how I’m not getting conversion. I’ve tried using the email swipe files copy paste from the advertiser. Clearly hasn’t been working yet…any advice or help you could give? I’m watching videos like yours left and right and it seems like I’m mostly doing the right things. Not enough traffic maybe..?

  2. Hey Franklin, First – Thank you for all the great information. You've really given me the confidence to try Facebook ads again. Would you mind talking about finding a FB target audience when you've found a new niche (that's exploding) but it's so new that FB does not have suggestions when you type in the keyword?

  3. I love the fact that you are honest with these. Other youtubers be like "yeah takes an hour to get 2000 leads for free and 20x roi anybody can do this" etc. Fucking hate that they keep on lying to promote their programs. This shit is not as easy as people make it seem.

  4. FRANKLIN First of all thanks to God for all the blessings. I just got my first sale please continue to make these awesome videos you're helping out so many people. Honestly thank you so much.

  5. Awesome timing great video I'm up to this part or thou I'm doing the SEO method of yours my SEO is bad atm but i love it I've learn't so much to get here wow what a rush gets me up early, I have my first launch in 6days.. I am not ready at all, I freaked when the Vendors weren't approving my requests at JV so i applied for everything lol i also change what i wrote in the request form on JV and dropped that i was part of the Online Samurai's that worked hope it was sweet to do that?? Thanks Again

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