22 thoughts on “How To Make $200 Per Day With “High 10” Movies On YouTube (Step By Step)

  1. Hi, I just purchased your program. I love how you walk every step thru..one by one. I did run into a glitch. Im guessing its because utube has changed things up this month. I cant find where to change my utube channels name. Ive seached everywhere! I'd appreciate any help…I want to continue with my videos.
    Thanks Rhonda

  2. Have a question: I saw many top songs, top hits of some singers,,,,,so how they easily use their MV and sound tracks? Shouldn't they be banned?

  3. I'm sorry BUT people do care if the voice over sounds robotic! I know that I do! and I've seen many comments where people will stop watching as soon as they hear the robotic voice. better to voice over yourself or get a family member to do it.

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