20 thoughts on “STEAL $50 in 12 Minutes! GO BEFORE TAKE DOWN

  1. You need to focus on payoneer payment options and online opportunities that are international. The world is a lot bigger than our country. Got anything that actually works in that realm?

  2. STUPID download STOP recommending sites that take people's TIME and give little to NOTHING. TIME is MONEY. SAD i have tried about 4 of your recommendation and none are anything to be excited about. STOP misleading your subscribers! PEACE RESPECT

  3. Marj u r making people fool nothing no earning process totally different what u say dont tey ti nake fool please u d testing ny tine nothing else please ve care dont west your time bewarexxx

  4. I joined them a week ago. Not a single survey for me yet!! Yes two that I applied for but no acceptance. They only want to hear from pretty girls and other twenty-somethings. If you’re 59 years old you can just forget it, no $50 for you!!!!

  5. I tried this company and it's pretty hard to get approved for a survey. They ask you A LOT of pre-screening questions to make sure you're "eligible" (which I think is what their real business is), and then if you're selected for the study you'll actually be paid. If you go on forums you'll see a lot of people complaining about this process and that very few people are actually making money. Beware!

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