33 thoughts on “Make $100 Per Day at DOLLAR TREE With Retail Arbitrage

  1. About your special offer (in the link) I don't understand why anyone would sign up for something that has no description or even the presenters full name. So much rah-rah. Sounds so scammy to me

  2. This guy is clueless. He obviously has never sold anything on Amazon. He’s only trying to get views on YouTube and has no clue how to make money anywhere else. Lol

  3. Have to be honest here, this is false information. The LED night lights have a terrible rank, which means they rarely sell. Additionally, if you are shipping to the customer yourself you get about $6 after Amazon's fees. This does not include the cost of shipping, shipping materials, or the cost of the bulbs. These two factors, very few sales and very little (if any), profit margin mean this product does not fit the bill. Anyone looking to make money selling on Amazon needs to look to someone else as it's clear from this video you do not know much about how to do so.

  4. If you try to use this guide you are gonna lose a lot of money. Uses the amazon app for scanning?!?! Rookie move. “Profits” If you wanted to make money on those plugs they need to probably sell for at least $10 to make $2 after fees and shipping.

  5. In order to see how profitable something could be FBM or FBA use your phone and the live Amazon Seller app. Secondly, a number of stores block internet connection within their stores. They will force you to use their customer wifi. In some Dollar Tree stores in my area, you cannot get an Internet connection at all. BTW its legal because they dont block the cell or phone call part. Just be aware. You can use a scanning software download service but you wont get live numbers and you wont get the entire Amazon inventory.

  6. 1/3rd product cost 1/3rd amazon fees 1/3rd profit. This isn’t a cookie cutter game because different products have different fees, however this video is very misleading on perceived profits

  7. You’re not subtracting your seller fee’s, shipping material, postage cost, ect. You’re making less than $7 profit per item. Way less if you’re offering free shipping.

  8. This method of making money, is popularized as “flipping” very time consuming but effective, you can easily make roughly 1000 dollars in a month just by buying and selling products and services for profit, but remember, make your money make itself.

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