21 thoughts on “How Fb Adverts Actually Work And Why YOU Hold Failing! (MUST WATCH)

  1. My Facebook ads don’t work because FB is way too picky and they would rather close your Facebook account than, have you advertise there. And they can’t even….never mind Facebook sucks. I will advertise somewhere else.

  2. Thanks man.

    I was doing all that shit until yesterday.

    Today I implemented you advice and done budget 40$ of my winning adset and got sales 2 sales one of 399$ and one for 29.99$ in only 16$.

    I have never seen results before in my life.

    I have never seen such a long video before.
    I have seen this video to such a value. It's more valuable then any course. It is free.

    Love from India
    Thanks a lot of it.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this gold. I've watched so many fb ad "experts" who put more emphasis on their cars and jewels rather than getting into the real raw parts of how to do fb ads!

  4. Facebook has said the problem with duplicating adsets and having multiple adsets running targeting the same audience is they will be competing with each other in auctions. Facebook removes the lower converting adset so you don't bid against yourself but duplicating adsets while keeping them all running is a good way to have underperforming adsets. Facebook has said it is better to have a larger budget in one adset than have that budget split across multiple adsets targeting the same audience. This is true whether you have failing adsets (not meeting minimum conversions which is now 50 as of this post – not 15-25) or if you have a successful adset. You should duplicate the adset and increase the price and PAUSE the old adset you just duplicated. Facebook also has tools that show how many of your adsets have overlapping audiences. If you go with this duplicate and keep everything running route at a bare minimum you should ensure you are not running into overlapping audience problem which definitely will happen as budgets get larger and larger. Good luck guys!

  5. either you are the most generous guy on earth givin' away such precious knowledge , that others would charge at least 1k …. or the sickest one ….but i 'll bet for the first option … thanks

  6. Frank, is this still relevant in 2018 today after facebook algorithm changes. And once you have a winning ad set do you just duplicate and scale the budget, or you can just increase the budget in the already winning ad set. Do you make any other changes to the duplicated ad set apart from the budget?


  7. Brooo you are amazing bro! Hope to meet you one day in Aotearoa. I'm currently in Thailand trying to figure this Ecoms stuff out and amongst thousands of videos I've watched, your vids have helped me the most! Cheers bro!

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