6 thoughts on “Fb Adverts: Break up Testing & Optimizing to DOUBLE Your Gross sales in 2017

  1. Thank you so much for this Chris. I have a question. I have a product sold and i only use fb ads. I dont have any website for my customers to view my product they just message me and i tell them the details on how to place order and pay. What specific campaign will i use? Now i am doing page like and engagement. Spend a lot but just a few sale. I hope you have any advice.

  2. Dude I now stumbled upon your channel and subbed immediately! Most fucking real YouTuber. People out there charge a lot of money for the info you are putting out. I’m also doing a lot of research before I dive into this so I’m definitely gonna watch all your vids tomorrow. Also, have you ever tried solo ads? I was thinking of using that as paid traffic but now I’m seeing your Facebook ad videos which may change my mind. Cheers!

  3. I've a serious question, not judging you, just trying to make sense of this. Yeah… from a technical standpoint this is not difficult one bit, but from a moral prospective I'd have a hard time knowingly and intentionally scam people out of their hard earned money, maybe this is a personality trait of an online marketer, but how you(or perhaps 99.9% of CPA marketers) so easily and carelessly scam people into these "trial" offers? you know things like… weight loss/skin care/paint point products/loans etc stuff. I mean I'm pretty damn sure you know it's a scam and you know they just rip them off with multiple "auto billing" things to make off for the $35 they pay you and then some. So realizing this… how does it make you feel doing this to others?

    I'm genuinely interested to know what's your take on this, what's the mindset/belief that you've opted-in that sets you free of guilt for doing this to others? To me this seems unethical and morally wrong. Is CPA marketing with trial offers are exclusively reserved for people with no morals or ethics and no regards to other's life what-so-ever? just curious what's your take on this 🙂

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