13 thoughts on “How To Promote T-Shirts On-line With TeeSpring And YouTube

  1. Dear sir, i wondering Will people get the real T-shirt when they buy from Teespring? Because we just design a T-shirt and upload image and sell it. How it become a real T-shirt? Please explain

  2. I watch this video and have a Question or two for you:
    This question is about Shirt niches and shirt stores— I keep hearing that i need to have a niche but can I make a random niche design shirt store and as I make other random designs just pick out the related designs that would fall into a single niche category and place those designs in another created store? but this time that store would be niche related… basically working my way up from a random niche store to other solid niche related stores. If so should i post the focus on a teespring random store front and post those same random designs on other shirt sites like redbubble and the such or should i make the teespring a niche focused store front and just post on the other t shirt sites random niche store fronts??? what is your feedback on this? and or how would you go about this if you was trying to start with random designs and working your way up to solid niche storefronts.

    This Question relates to this video of yours — so for the method you show in this video can i have a random Teespring niche store linked in the description below??? can that work? or should I try to focus on niche items.. like if i have a vid about trains for example and only sell related shirt with train designs.

    I been trying to find a person that can help me with these questions…. hope you can help me out here.. just starting out and have created 10 of my own designs on Photoshop..but mainly random ideas/niches and i have not posted anyone online yet.. making shirts everyday right now to grow my shirt selection.. is ten enough to start???

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