28 thoughts on “Earn Each 15 Minutes – Play Video games For Actual Cash

  1. I test with them now. I usually get paid within an hour after testing and survey is done. Opportunities only come when they have games that fit your game preferences. It's really cool.

  2. You didn't even test if it works and pays! Just a random video on Youtube, really? This is very low-quality information. Lately, I'm thinking seriously about unsubscribing.


    Thanks for signing up! We want to let you know that the game developers we work with are mainly interested in players living in the USA, UK and Canada.

    In the future, we hope to expand to testing games with players from other countries and will let you know when that happens. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience.

  4. I already have play test cloud and loooove it they will pay but there on break for rn so don't expect any money or games as soon as you sign up… Idk if hell say it or not but tell give you a test to see if you'll make it or not it's like a interview no you don't need a webcam….. So far I've gotten paid twice one 10 rollers and another is abt what he said…… They'll send you two play test a month must get this it's fun fast and simple

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