How I Run A number of Fb Accounts When Banned (Q&A Chill Time)

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23 thoughts on “How I Run A number of Fb Accounts When Banned (Q&A Chill Time)

  1. I sell a specific product on FB Marketplace. I need at least 20 FB profiles so I can post 50 ads per day per profile. How do I do this? Does anyone have a solution?

  2. Facebook disabled a page i had because i did something dumb. I posted 3 videos from another creator and i didnt even need them, now they shut down the whole page. I want the page back because i had 9000 followers but dont know what to do. I was 1000 followers away from monetization. My other pages and profile are still active but I really need that one back.

  3. I have 1 business ad manager account and in this account I can create multiple ad accounts but my personal ad account got disabled my question can I use as payment method the same credit card or should I use another one? The Mr

  4. What a rambling video! Why do you allow yourself to constantly tell people you just got a message or an email all the time? Nobody cares. I lost interest in you immediately and basically have no idea what your point is. You even interrupted your own train of thought! Sorry, but I don't have time to listen to someone ramble and mumble from multiple Facebook accounts to budgets to marketing to sales to waiting lists !! Sorry but your attention span is too short for me to even try to pay attention. I have no idea what you are talking about. I'm out.

  5. If you only have one ad account, can you transfer over the audiences and just use the same posts to advertise without getting banned? Also, can I run the same page post for my ad?

  6. Hi Franklin, love the channel. FB recently disabled my business manager account but I managed to get it reactivated. This really opened my eyes and I want to protect myself. I'm a little confused about setting up multiple accounts? wouldn't you just open 3 business manager accounts instead of linking your personal accounts to the one business manager account. also, do all sub accounts get blocked if banned?

  7. You just got recommended to me a few hours ago by a guy in one of the Shopify groups I'm in. It is 4:28 am in the morning here in SA and I have to be at work in like less than 2 hours without any sleep lol. I just couldn't stop myself from watching all the great content you put out! There are so many "Shopify Guru's" out there now, trying to sell their BS "Mastermind Courses"…making it really hard to find the right advise from the right people. Thank you for taking the time you giving up to put out this content. God Bless

  8. Hi Frank,
    I have an ad set that is doing well and i have slowly increased the budget up to $90 (auto bid) over time and the ad is still performing well. I have been thinking of switching to manual bid however the suggested bid is 5x higher than my current CPP. So my question is how will switching to manual bid help my CPP and is it worth the risk when auto bid is already getting results?

  9. So i am doing this strategy right now. Start with a View Content Conversion Ad and from there once i get 100 plus i will move to Add To Cart Conversion once i reach 100 plus i will go to Purchase Conversion. My question is how do i go about going to the next level? Once my VC Ad reaches 100, how do i go to the ATC ad? do i duplicate the ad set and change the conversion to ATC? Then From ATC duplicate that ad set and change the conversion to purchase? is this correct? could you expand on this a bit please? this is where i'm kind of stumped.

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