How To Discover Shopify Merchandise (Don't Over Suppose It Maintain It Easy)

That is how I discover a Shopify area of interest. Very fundamental manner of doing it but it surely works, would not must be difficult. eCom Elites DropShipping + Mentorship: …

45 thoughts on “How To Discover Shopify Merchandise (Don't Over Suppose It Maintain It Easy)

  1. Is it even necessary to find a niche, or can't you just put a bunch of different sections in your store? Ie: garden section, pet section, gifts, etc Then put winning products in each section. I can understand the niche idea if you have a really niche market, like car parts, or something. But generally, aren't people just going to sell…. whatever sells a lot?

  2. Revenue vs Net. Two totally different figures! You can Gross 100k in sales, yet only Net a fraction of that after all your overhead. Like to see a video on all overhead cost and realistic product markups. Bottom line is, what can you actually bank?

  3. how to compete with the seller that sells the same item and more cheap than me? they even ship worldwide too

    how much should we add our profit from the original price in aliexpress?

    for example $1 item. how should we add our profit?

    thanks 🙂

  4. Why is anyone going to buy it somewhere that it takes 10 to 15 days to get when they can get it from Amazon, even if it's for just a little bit more, in like 2 days?

  5. I agree with a few other comments have written – definately more risky than some people make out to profit online shops and someone could be likely to lose more than you make.
    Be careful and seek advice from others who can prove they have made money. I looked round a few sites and discovered a lot of great advice by searching google on sites such as Ecom Turbo Tactic. Good luck and hope you make some cash!

  6. PLEASE HELP! Im new to shopify… so this may be a stupid question but does my shopify store have to match my niche? Or can I build a shopify store and sell whatever? PLEASE HELP!

  7. Hello.
    Guys do you think dropshipping bussines can be succsessfull with more expensive products like electronic or something like that? Everyone who make tips or give ideas for products, choice only low price products like bracers neckles any type of jewelry , cloth and etc why?

  8. Thank you so much for this video. I just subscribed. I want to being my own online business. I been researching the business for almost a week, and have been at a stand still on finding the right niche. This has really helped. Thank you. Now, I just need to try to figure out the mechanics of dropshipping and the whole thing

  9. Hi there. So if someone wants to sell pre labeled or branded high quality products on their shopify store do you worry about them cross shopping. Example, I find a niche product about high quality dog shoes called PAWSHOO and want to include the brand into my store. People can just cut and paste the name to cross shop and land on aliexpress and find the product for cost. any suggestions?

  10. hey franklin not sure if you realized but at 10:44 you are logged in to your girlfriends facebook page (I'm assuming she's your gf) and we can see her full name. Just letting you know in case you did not mean for that happen. Thanks for all the great info !

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