10 thoughts on “How To Purchase On-line Web site Site visitors The Proper Approach With out Losing Cash

  1. You have to be careful with bought traffic. I see tons of videos about traffic but when I see 10 dollars for 1000 visits. That seems impossible … I can also get traffic to you from USA Canada or UK but for 1000 visits I need probably 200$ not 10 …

  2. Twitter used to be a great platform for traffic. I used to be able to send thousands of targeted visitors to a web site within a few hours. Problem is they've alienated anyone who isn't ultra liberal. Twitter traffic has shriveled up and doesn't convert like it used to.

  3. I paid 10Euro for 15 clicks in the end on Facebook so I`m not sure what you are saying is correct. Ofcourse my content can be bad, but still, that is very expensive for anything.

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