12 thoughts on “CASE STUDY Half 1: How you can Script YouTube Movies | Dreamcloud Academy

  1. This is awesome. I am starting a similar chanel which I will monetize with selling t shirts. I have a few niche stores ready and now is time to start making videos. The thing I am interested is knowing this: do you recommend selling t shirts related to the video like for example if I have a video about top 10 cutest dog breeds, do I sell dog shirts on that particular video and then I make lets say top 10 cat breeds and and sell cat shirts or do I make a general store with shirts and sell only those shirts on all my videos? You remember when you made a store with thise astronaut and and a like?

  2. Bullshit frist on all u can easily download subtitles of any video for free. Just google YouTube subtitle download And if u use software to convert text to speech YouTube is not gonna monetize your video(latest YouTube update)

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