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25 thoughts on “I'M MOVING TO BALI!!!

  1. Awesome decision to move. Currently live in Vegas. Makes more sense to live in a place that has lower cost of living. Would love to move to Asia by next year and live off ecom, crypto, and IM incomes. We'll be in Bangkok on November 8 and heading to Chiang Mai on Nov 14. When you going to Thailand?

  2. I always tell young people to travel while they're still young. It will change who you become. Sounds like fun but if it's only because of money, I think a not so great area here may be safer than there. Well, good luck.

  3. Sounds good! I'm planning to leave in Guatemala or Colombia, when you Google Guatemala you will see poor people come up in the browser just because that's what most people think of third world countries but I used to live in Guatemala and its freaking awesome, beautiful place, beautiful people, great food and a lot of rich people so google just shows the bad areas, so you won't regret it for sure!

  4. I wouldn't recommend a third world country. Wifi will be way slower, you can't drink tap water. And third world countries aren't necessarily safe. Why not go to a place like in Europe or Canada? Plus don't go to a country where you don't speak the countries national language.

  5. it's super cheap to live and eat its just a whole different world. Some places are crazy poor so as far as maintaining a healthy diet its kinda hard unless you're in the main city

  6. I have recently set that as my goal but first I'll need to work hard on my online income the next months/year. I first got intrigued by the 4 Hour work week and I recently saw James Bowen's youtube videos. (who is also in Bali and I think you may have seen him if not you should go check him out)

  7. Thats crazy! But amazing! I wish I could pick up and leave. Hopefully one day I can once im making the kind of money you are making. Need to jump on and join you in Builderall asap!

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