New Simple Methodology To Earn $28.63 on Youtube With out Any Expertise

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14 thoughts on “New Simple Methodology To Earn $28.63 on Youtube With out Any Expertise

  1. Hey, Tyler! I'm brand, spanking new at affiliate marketing (of ANY sort) and I've looked over several methods. Your videos make it really easy to understand. This one, in particular, is awesome! I do have a "newbie" question, though. Can you explain or do a video (or perhaps you already have one) on how to create that "Opt-In" page and then direct it to your affiliate link, please? And one last question – Am I to understand that in doing it THIS way (promoting the product) , I would not have to contact the creator of the product and ask permission to promote the product or would I still ask permission? Thank you so very much! Keep up the awesome videos! ~Kelly~

  2. This is a killer method that can make you some serious bank. The hardest part is them getting back to you through email. If you can get just 2 youtube influencers with a good amount of subscribers and a lot of video views, you're pretty much set.

  3. Tyler – If you find a video that has over a million views. That tells me that over a million people have already looked at their video. If I ask to place my offer in their description isn't it after the fact. Most likely the individuals that already watched their video isn't looking at it again. It would seem I would have missed my opportunity to get that large audience. Wouldn't it be more wise to see if I can add my link in their future videos?

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