$1000 On Pinterest With three Straightforward Steps In 2019

How you can become profitable on pinterest Clickbank / Affiliate Advertising Course: …

42 thoughts on “$1000 On Pinterest With three Straightforward Steps In 2019

  1. I have tried this, following the instructions of this video. It doesn't work like that. You'd just be spamming Pinterest. You will get SOME impressions but hardly ANY clicks to your offer. I've tried this for months.

  2. The moment you looked at the girl's Pinterest account which has 6.7 million views and said that that is a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS I lost every hope I had for this video.

  3. is this still working in 2019, i just mad the site but ive heard that you have to link pins to a blog post talking about that pin so you seemingly how to write regular content to get it seen. This is just for ranking but i want to know if I will be effected when it comes to getting the pins seen. I don't have a problem blogging but i just wasn't prepared for this, and theirs alot of work to be done to make it work.

  4. It is strange for someone with 0 boards and followers made just for the sake of this video to teach us how to make 1000$ on Pinterest. Did you made 10 bucks there or you intend to lose the watchers' one month to understand that all this stuff is misleading? For a new account on Pinterest be ready to wait at least half a year before you see some dollars in your account.

  5. Hi,i have a question!i have a pinterest account and i want to make money with it since i have + 700k viewrs but i dont have a blog?how can i do it!i need more explicite video!plz and thanx.

  6. I have been doing this for a month now with 2 different accounts in 2 different niches. I create 1-3 pins/day as well as add other peoples pins to my boards. Both accounts have over 340 followers and growing but still not 1 sale or click? I am promoting clickbank products with high gravity and just copied landing page that I now have on weebly. Will there be a breakthrough point?

  7. I like this and am going to go for it. I think it would help to build your audience on Pinterest first don't you think? I'm starting with an audience of 10k+ and growing. Once you hit 100 followers on a business account you can see your demographic and stats. Just my thoughts.

  8. Instead of creating a website on Weebly for the product, couldn't I just add the affiliate link to the pin on Pinterest? So when someone clicks the pin it will automatically direct them to the affiliate's website. Do I really need to create the website?

  9. This is a very clear tutorial Brko, thank you so much. I have a couple of questions
    1. How much time does it take to publish a pin per day and build a following?
    2. Are there particular pins that people find attractive?
    3. Roughly how long does it take to start seeing that type of income?
    Once again, thank you.

  10. bro ..plz help me ..whenever i check the hoplink after creating it, i keep on getting dis message "This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation." for each n every products..why is dis happenng??

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