How To Make Cash On Fb Web page in 2018 [6 Simple Ways]

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37 thoughts on “How To Make Cash On Fb Web page in 2018 [6 Simple Ways]

  1. Thanks for sharing..just subscribe to your channel..i work as an independent representative on a company..can i use the name of my company on my own facebook page? dont have idea that we can earn from having facebook page..i just learn it from you..

  2. Does anybody know of a video tutorial (in English) That shows EXACTLY how to set up and start monetization? Every video I go to is either outdated, not in English, or basically just promotes the video channel itself instead of showing me what I actually typed into the search bar?

  3. hello sir, i have a page named Modern technology ideas and i have already 1000 likes and followers. my page is about farming technology and livestocks. can you help me to earn with my page? you can check also my page sir. thanks

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