How To Make Cash On-line PROMOTING SURVEYS | Dreamcloud Academy

How To Make Cash On-line PROMOTING SURVEYS | Dreamcloud Academy Full YouTube Coaching + Mentoring …

12 thoughts on “How To Make Cash On-line PROMOTING SURVEYS | Dreamcloud Academy

  1. sir i am from INDIA and i have a website and i want to promote survey on my website and earn is that possible and do plzzz can you provide me any fruitful links to earn unlimited money from website daily

    thank you you veido is great

  2. Concerning MaxBounty…
    Is this a legit site, or, is it a site dedicated to mostly Porn and Adult related content? I have attempted to navigate their offers and have only come upon questionably content.

    If they have other "Family Friendly" offers then fine. But if all they are about is the X Rated Market, perhaps when featuring them on your videos you could give the viewers a heads up so that they not stumble blindly into a sleazy gutter.

    A big concern would be for somebody to blindly begin offering up the Affiliate offers to their List to then discover their List is getting directed to questionable sites that those on their List do NOT approve of. TALK ABOUT A DEAL BREAKER and a loss of reputation!

     Also, I have noticed that a couple times after clicking onto the MaxBounty's site that I have had a few Trashy "Popups" to contend with. Do we need to be on guard of Cyber Attacks?

    There are some of us out there who do not wish to journey or be carried off into the Abyss.

    Please Address…
    And thank you for addressing the overpowering Piped in Music

  3. The problem is that to validate the maxbounty account requires a call and for those who live abroad and do not speak English that prevents using maxbounty.I made my registration and they expect a call that I have no way to make.

  4. Hey Dreamcloud, we enjoy your videos, however…ENOUGH WITH THE PIPED IN MUSIC. Way too loud, drowns out your voice and inspires me to want to CLICK OFF. It adds NOTHING to your video content…only takes away.

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